Civil Society

Application period 1 February – 28 March 2016

The General Assembly, in its resolution 70/181 of 17 December 2015, decided that representatives of non-governmental organizations in consultative status with ECOSOC are invited to participate in the special session and representatives of civil society and the scientific community, academia, youth groups and other relevant stakeholders may participate in the special session, in accordance with the rules of procedure and established practice of the General Assembly.

To that end, registration is now open for representatives of organizations actively working on drug-related matters from ECOSOC and non-ECOSOC accredited NGOs, civil society, the scientific and academic communities, youth groups and other relevant stakeholders.

All organizations wishing to attend UNGASS 2016 will need to register by applying here: http://bit.ly/UNGASS-2016. Applications for general registration are being accepted from 1 February – 28 March 2016.

 Speaker Application Civil Society

A selection process is now open to identify speakers from civil society, the scientific community, academia, youth groups and other relevant stakeholders that may participate in the special session. Eleven (11) speakers will be selected: six (6) for the plenary and five (5) – one for each of the interactive round tables. Please note that travel funding is available for speakers chosen through this process. The final selection of speakers will be made by the Office of the President of the General Assembly, in collaboration with the Civil Society Task Force (CSTF) for UNGASS 2016.

Civil Society speaker application for UNGASS


Sobre Clínica Alamedas

A dependência química está relacionada a diversas questões, seja no aspecto psicológico, biológico, social, econômico ou cultural de toda a família e pessoas ao redor do paciente. A clínica Alamedas possui uma estrutura completa com profissionais competentes e experientes para ajudar cada paciente e a sua família a superar a dependência química, com qualidade de vida e saúde.
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